The Environment

We offer environmentally friendly printing in Barnstaple, North Devon.

If you are looking into printing environmentally friendly then Matrix Print & Design offer a quality environmentally printing service.

We have solar panels on the roofs of our offices powering our business and any excess electricity is sent back to the National Grid.

We take our environmental credentials very seriously and our suppliers need to have the same philosophy when dealing with us.

As you would expect paper is our largest expenditure but we only purchase paper that has one of the following accreditations:


Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


The Forest Stewardship Council

All of our paper is derived from sustainable managed forests and we then carbon capture all the co2 produced in the manufacture and distribution of it.

Also, many of the papers we use will have a recycled element to them and some of the papers are 100% recycled. Ranges like Conqueror are certified as carbon neutral.

All of our paper and cardboard is recycled as are any chemicals we use on site.

We also carbon capture all of the co2 used in the manufacture and distribution of all paper used. This is done by calculating the amount of co2 used and paying the Woodland Trust to plant enough trees to capture the co2.


Woodland Carbon

carbon capture

View and Download our Carbon Capture Brochure