Matrix Print FAQS


There are many questions we are frequently asked. Here are a few:

Q. Can I order online at Matrix Print & Design?
A. Yes, the process is very easy, just follow the simple steps.

Q. Can I order items that do not appear on the website?
A. Yes, even though our website is very extensive, there are more bespoke products that we can do.

Q. Can I speak to a real person?
A. Yes. We are always available at our centre in Barnstaple Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm to see you in person or we can arrange a meeting at your premises.

Q. I don’t have my own design, what can I do?
A. No problem, using one of our in-house creative team we can ask the relevant questions and come up with some great designs for you.

Q. I want to supply my own design, what do I send?
A. We ask for a pdf and if the artwork bleeds of at the edge, please provide 3mm of bleed. Click here for further information.

Q. How do I send you my files?
A. If your files are less than 10mb simply send by email, otherwise upload them through our website by clicking here.

Q. Are you able to deliver?
A. Yes. We will deliver locally ourselves but anything outside of north Devon or West Somerset will be sent by courier.

Q. What are your turnaround times?
A. This varies depending on the type of job from the same day to 10 working days. We can advise you once we have the specific details of the job.

Q. How environmentally friendly is Matrix Print & Design?
A. Very! All of our paper is sourced through FSC or PEFC accredited suppliers. All CO2 created in the manufacturer and transportation of paper is offset through the Woodland Carbon Scheme. We create our own electricity through solar panels and our property was renovated using traditional materials such as lime render.