Poster Printing / Large Format

Don’t be shy about sending the world your message; posters can have a huge effect on attracting new customers! All the major retailers spend bucket loads on Large Format – because it works!

If you are looking into printing posters then Matrix Print and Design offer quality poster printing.

  • Photographic Prints8 colour printing using uv-fast inks, our prints are a favourite with professional photographers.
  • Giclee Prints – choose between either canvas or acid-free 100% cotton for superb quality prints.
  • Day-Glo Postersfor in-your-face point of sale.
  • Full Colour Posters – work as point of sale inside your outlet.
  • Pop-Up Bannersnot only work as point of sale inside your outlet but also for shows & Conferences.
  • Vinyl Bannersare extremely effective and long-lasting outside.